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Delivering better Public Protection through digital

“It is the first responsibility of government in a democratic society to protect and safeguard the lives of its citizens. That is where the public interest lies”

Cliff42’s mission is to assist and accelerate public protection working with emergency services and wider government in partnership with industry, academia and non-profit sectors.

Looking at the big picture to inform outcome driven projects.

What we do

Working together

Every review of a major failure in public protection includes, prominently, lack of data sharing. This is not due to a lack of willingness for partnership and collaborative working, but a failure in how the existing approach to interoperability and project scope and prioritisation.

Doing IT better

Our founder Simon Clifford former Director of Digital and Data for the UK Police national technology body, was responsible for the “Setting the Direction” portfolio of strategy and delivered four of the National programmes under budget and on time. One of which over delivered on targets – driving powerful accelerated capabilities into a core area of crime investigation.

Decision making, people and clarity derived from situational awareness are critical to provide the foundation for success.

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What we do