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Using Technology to Solve Public Protection Problems

we are a transformation catalyst that understands the big picture, enabling the public and private sector to collide delivering rapid innovation to thematic problems

Driving Digital Transformation for public safety

Cliff42 was set up to accelerate the delivery and improve the quality of public protection technology. This is underpinned by accelerated decision making, reducing risk by de-duplicating technology to drive down costs and accelerate operational improvements.

Using a range of cutting-edge and proven modern techniques to support business leaders to drive up efficiency through the adoption of world-class technology, leveraging the “good enough” technology with a sprinkling of “cutting edge” to drive rapid transformational outcomes that lead the way.

Situational awareness is the strategic high ground, with it the path forward becomes clear.

Reducing Financial Risk

Mitigating financial and delivery risk with proven strategic and tactical approaches used by AWS and GCHQ

Pathfinding Success

Finding the cause of poor outcomes, quality, capacity, consistency and clearly demonstrating a path to improvement

Plain speaking

No technobabble, clear understandable problem identification and solutions linked to streamlined action

Connecting tech

Fixing technology is like finding the missing piece of the puzzle, allowing you to see the big picture

User Focus

Business Pinhole surgery.

Driving operational efficiency and effectiveness through rapid problem identification and remediation. Using the latest technology built on scalable secure cloud infrastructure to maximum effect.

Improvement at Pace

Agile and incremental improvement.

Following initial engagement and scope, phased improvements are built into delivery cycles, ensuring improvement of business outcomes.

Contact Us

If you would like to arrange a call to discuss our services please email us or send us a message via one of our social media accounts. We look forward to speaking with you.

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